Traditional Vs On demand manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing

Only hands full of big companies can effectively manufacture CAD through CAM. There is still a big disconnect when one needs to manufacture CAD files.

The current process of getting CAD design manufactured is highly inefficient and time consuming, as CAD files require to go through multiple manual process before manufacturing as shown in below drawing. Interaction with multiple vendors and their manufacturing quotes makes it difficult and time consuming to award the final contract.

Conventional manufacturing process

These challenges lead to unnecessary investment in overheads, loss of value added time and productivity. Finally, there is a huge entry barrier for new entrepreneurs to get things done in manufacturing.

On-demand manufacturing

The on-demand business model worked in the case of OLA or Flipkart. Will it work in case of manufacturing? The conventional process cost estimation happens based on manufacturer's experience. In the same way taxi drivers used to estimate cost per mile before Uber or OLA.  

We are solving this cost estimation problem at MeruDynamics with the help of data, machine learning and algorithms.

As explained in the diagram below, the MeruDynamics on demand manufacturing model allows anyone with a CAD design to go into manufacturing in minutes.

MeruDynamics On-demand Manufacturing Process

The benefit of on-demand manufacturing over the traditional is, it saves a lot of non value added time and makes it easy and convenient to go to manufacturing. In addition to this, it gives more insight and data on when manufactured parts will arrive. It also assures quality manufactured parts as MeruDynamics vets and on-board manufacturing partners through tough processes.


For selected parameters following table gives a comparison between Traditional Vs OnDemand manufacturing.

Traditional Vs OnDemand Manufacturing