Top 5 ways 3D printing adds value to architects and interior designers

If someone would have said a few decades ago that anything you can imagine can be turned into physical part, very few might have believed it. But today with the help of 3D printing we can do just that!

3D printing is a dream come true for creative and innovative minds in any field including architecture and interior design. With the help of 3D printing, you can test your ideas right away.

Here are top 5 ways 3D printing can add value to architects and interior designers.

Building complex models:

When you have a great idea in your mind testing it out can be a laborious task as it requires long hours along with skills to build that model. 3D printing makes it easy to build those complex models quickly! Some models may even be almost impossible to build by hand but with 3D printing, a detailed model can be built.

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Saving time, effort and money:

Building a great model requires a great amount of model-making materials which in turn increases cost. Whereas 3D printed models take less time to build at a minimal cost. Contrary to time consuming conventional model making method 3D printing gives you one click solution with almost no efforts.

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Finding potential flaws:

If you have a perfect model on a computer you can find out how good it looks in the real world which may reveal potential flaws in the design. Having a tangible model gives a better insight into the model's general structure. Multiple quick and cost-effective 3D models help the designer to make the right choice at the beginning phase of model making.

Easier to convey ideas:

Conveying ideas to your clients or colleagues with a 3D scale model can be a gamechanger. Providing clients or investors with a real model instead of computer design helps them have a better understanding and perspective of the project.

Highly durable models:

Compared to handmade models, 3D printed models can withstand a lot of pressure. As the model has homogeneous structure and no glue or connecting material is used, models tend to be stronger. Also by choosing right material for your 3D model you can also make it water resistant!

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